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From Super Bowl to Style: How Craft Tee Owner MVS is Winning in Fashion

by Craft Tee Team 18 Apr 2024
From Super Bowl to Style: How Craft Tee Owner MVS is Winning in Fashion

LUXE Fashion Fest and Craft Tee's Vision

Marquez Valdes-Scantling, 2-time Super Bowl champion, is not just known for his athletic accomplishments but also for his entrepreneurial spirit. With the launch of LUXE Fashion Fest in his hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida, Marquez is aiming to bridge his high-profile sports career with his passion for fashion and community building. The event is designed not only as a showcase for emerging and established designers but also as a platform to boost local entrepreneurship and integrate the vibrant culture of St. Petersburg with innovative fashion initiatives.

LUXE Fashion Fest Is A Catalyst for Local Fashion and Entrepreneurship

The inaugural LUXE Fashion Fest featured seven diverse collections from talented designers across the nation, highlighting Marquez's commitment to fostering a creative community in Tampa Bay. This annual event is working to transform St. Petersburg into a hub for fashion enthusiasts and creators alike, providing a new voice and venue for designers.

Marquez And Craft Tee

Beyond the glitz of the runway and the pounding competition of the gridiron, Marquez is deeply integrated with his custom apparel company, Craft Tee. Known for our high-quality, custom-printed apparel, Craft Tee is now poised to become a powerhouse in the industry under Marquez’s leadership, where each piece of apparel is a blend of quality craftsmanship and stylish innovation.

Marquez sets a new trend in how athletes can influence fashion and business. His commitment to quality and community resonates through his work and his day-to-day, from high-stakes football games to community beach cleanup to high-fashion runways.

Marquez's Future Ambitions and the Impact on St. Pete's Fashion Scene

As Marquez Valdes-Scantling looks to the future, both in his NFL career and his entrepreneurial ventures, he is committed to growing LUXE Fashion Fest and Craft Tee. His efforts are set to leave a lasting impact on St. Petersburg’s fashion scene and economic landscape, promising to bring more such events that combine fashion and community engagement. Marquez's journey from the Super Bowl to style is just beginning, and the fashion world will be watching what he does next.

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